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Examples of Humanitarian Tariffs

Below are some examples to show you the benefits of humanitarian fares :


Public rate with Emirates via Dubai:  973 CHF

Changeable for CHF 150 and refundable for CHF 300,  with a baggage allowance de 30 KG.


With a humanitarian fare on exactly the same route, the ticket price is more economical with in addition to better conditions:


Humanitarian rate : 833 CHF

This rate includes a higher baggage allowance and much more advantageous conditions.

The ticket is changeable free of charge and fully refundable. The baggage allowance is 40 KG.

Iberia Internet rate via Madrid: 2059 CHF

Changeable and cancellable for 160 CHF, including 2  luggage.


 Humanitarian rate : 1369 CHF(with exactly the same itinerary and flight numbers).

The NGO in question would make aeconomyfrom CHF 690.

In addition, the ticket is changeable and refundable free of charge in addition to the two pieces of baggage included.

A humanitarian organization purchased a plane ticket to Erbil (Iraq) with Austrian Airlines, (via Vienna) in a conventional agency. Faced with the situation on site, the ticket must be cancelled maisthe ticket is not refundable. The NGO loses the total amount of the ticket, i.e. in this case 911 CHF


This same ticket at NGO Travels would have cost 899 CHF,refundableagainst a fee of CHF 150

For various reasons, one-way tickets may be necessary to reduce the price or in special cases,  when the return date is not known.


Public fare British Airways (via London) : 2334 CHF

Humanitarian ratewith British Airways : 464 CHF Changeable and refundable free of charge.


Aeconomyfrom 1870 CHF

  • All fares quoted in examples are as of September 21 for travel dates in October 2018.

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