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Contributing specialised knowledge to NGOs

Dozens of NGOs, humanitarian and religious organisations of all sizes, both in Switzerland and abroad, place their trust in NGO Travels and use our services to simplify the itineraries and optimize travel costs of their employees, regardless of their destinations.

It is our priority to offer you a highly professional service and a relation of confidence.

  • You are an NGO that assigns its collaborators to sometimes distant destinations, requiring flexible open returns that offer reasonable costs for ticket changes.

  • Occasionally, your projects and humanitarian missions are urgent, you need a rapid response and low-cost air tickets.

  • During your missions, you regularly need to make changes to dates or itineraries, and even last-minute cancellations.

You will need a partner who knows and understands the humanitarian organisation world, who can offer you advice as well as a reliable service proposing the best and cheapest itineraries at short notice. We can offer you air tickets with flexible conditions, allowing your collaborators to travel in comfort and at optimal cost for your NGO.

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